Scientific Advisory Board

For each edition of the Contest, a scientific advisory board bringing together specialists and futurists working on the chosen theme is appointed by the organizers and partners. Its role is to :

  • Contribute to the Food for thoughts resource database
  • Participate in the webinars to provide participants with food for thought.
  • Participate in the pre-selection of works.

Some members of the Scientific Advisory Board may also sit on the Jury for the final selection and prize-giving.

2024 Edition
Christine Afriat

Doctor of Economic Sciences, specialist in foresight and the evolution of professions and skills, vice-president of the Société Française de Prospective. She is also a member of the steering committee of France Stratégie's Employment and Skills network.

Thomas Coutrot

Statistician, economist and associate researcher at IRES (Institut de recherches économiques et sociales), he has headed the Health and Working Conditions department at DARES (French Ministry of Labor). His research focuses on the links between work, health and democracy.

Christophe Degryse

Researcher specializing in issues of European economic and social governance, Head of the Foresight Unit at the European Trade Union Institute (ETUI), and lecturer at UC Louvain and HELHA.

Daniel Kaplan

Entrepreneur and futurist, co-founder of the Fondation Internet Nouvelle Génération (Fing) and the Réseau Université de la Pluralité, he is deeply involved in the economic and social development of the Internet.

Dominique Lhuilier

Emeritus professor of occupational psychology at the CNAM (Centre de recherche sur le travail et le développement), and co-director of the Clinique du Travail collection, she is interested in health and work issues, and in situations of impeded activity (unemployment, absenteeism). She conducts action research aimed at both knowledge production and work transformation.

Frédérique Pain

Director of ENSCI-Les Ateliers (Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Création Industrielle), Design Manager and research director specializing in the fields of experience design, design management, innovation and emerging technologies, she is also a member of numerous committees including the Conférence des Grandes Écoles, Sorbonne Université and the CNIL's Comité de la Prospective.

Pierre-Antoine Marti

Director of Foresight Studies for Futuribles International - a think-tank for future-oriented studies. Doctoral student in Contemporary History at EHESS, he studies 20th-century anticipation literature.

2021 Edition
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