Paris Institute for Advanced Study

The Paris Institute for Advanced Study is an independent research center in the humanities and social sciences aiming at fostering collective intelligence through interdisciplinary research and the experimentation of new formats of intersectoral collaborations. It invites high-level international researchers for fellowships in residence in Paris, organizes scientific events, and sets up spaces for reflection and exchange involving academics, citizens, political decision-makers and businesses. See more

Fondation 2100

The Fondation 2100, under the aegis of the Fondation ParisTech, aims to promote the long-term foresight of human societies. It extends the work begun nearly forty years ago under the direction of Thierry Gaudin by the Centre de Prospective et d'Évaluation of the French Ministry for Research and then by the Prospective 2100 NGO. Today, it fosters foresight efforts through a PhD thesis prize awarded with a circle of academics, a competition on positive futures in partnership with the Paris Institute for Advanced Study, and an international project on global foresight (updating the 2100, Narrative of the Next Century report, published in 1990). See more

With the support of

Institute for Futures Studies

The institute has two tasks, one of which is to conduct future studies, to promote a future-oriented perspective in Swedish research, and to use and develop appropriate theory and methodology. Our research is guided by research programs, and the current program includes research on climate change, new technologies, prejudices that govern our actions, who will make what decisions, and the well-being of our young. The researchers at the institute mainly conduct research in this program. Our second mission is to stimulate an open and broad discussion about possibilities and threats to future social development. We do this by organizing seminars, publishing reports and communicating research via newsletters, Facebook, Twitter and our site, but also by our researchers participating in debates, visiting politicians, government agencies and companies, and sharing their knowledge through public media. See more