Watch again the webinar "Urban ecological restoration: overcoming the city-nature opposition"

By Marion Waller

In addition to the scientific resources available in the "Food for thought" section, the Positive Future team offers scientific events, webinars, and online conferences to help participants in the contest.It's a challenge to say what the city of tomorrow will be like, given the challenges, ruptures and progress of this century, which will lead to radical changes. To say how we dream it in a probable future, how to dream of achievable utopias, is a poetic exercise that takes us into an achievable ideals.

While the idea of a dichotomy between, on the one hand, a wild nature without humans and, on the other, a city without nature has sometimes been conveyed, Marion Waller will speak on the basis of her work as an environmental philosopher and her experience within the City of Paris to evoke perspectives for an urban and rural future that goes beyond this separation. She will use the projects from the "Reinvent Paris" competition to show the possibilities that the Parisian context offers.

By Marion Waller, urban planner and philosopher. She is currently Advisor to the Mayor of Paris in charge of architecture, heritage and the transformation of the urban landscape. She was previously Deputy Director of Jean-Louis Missika’s cabinet, Deputy Mayor of Paris, and oversaw the "Reinvent Paris" competition, which invited teams from around the world to rethink Parisian sites. In 2016, she published "Artefacts naturels" (Editions de l'Eclat), a book on ecological restoration and possibilities of environmental re-habitation.