Watch again the first webinar: "The City, the Dominant Species? Nature and Future of the urban phenomenon"

by Fabienne Goux-Baudiment
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The city is a fascinating object, from any angle: a simple human settlement; a sprawling conurbation; a teeming architectural exhibition; a place of life, work and education; a compendium of history; an ethnographic subject that is constantly being renewed?

But what is the city? What is its intimate nature? What is this concordance between it and us humans? Is it only an artefact, a simple construction? Or a reflection of ourselves, of our hopes, our fears, our ambitions; a reflection that would give it a soul? As a Great Transformation (the Green Recovery) is finally being prepared, what place will the city have in it? In what form?

Fabienne Goux-Baudiment _holds a doctorate in social sciences, she founded proGective - center d'étude, de recherche et de conseil en prospective in 1995, has chaired the World Futures Studies Federation and the Société Française de Prospective, and has held the Chair of Prospective, Innovation and Immaterial Capital at Polytech Angers as an associate professor. An international speaker, her research, after the 'Great Transition', is now focused on the X.0 development model.

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