Watch again the webinar "Cities in the post-world - Urban planning agencies explore the (happy) future"

By Brigitte Bariol-Mathais and Karine Hurel

In addition to the scientific resources available in the "Food for thought" section, the Positive Future team offers scientific events, webinars, and online conferences to help participants in the contest, and for anyone interested in the themes tackled by the Positive Future project.

The Fédération nationale des agences d'urbanisme (Fnau) has placed its 2020 meetings under the sign of foresight. The agencies worked in a network on the changes to 2040 to imagine a "world after" that would have succeeded in meeting the challenges of transitions. The idea was to question the future through the notions of happiness and well-being, sustainable development and successful ecological transition, and democratic renewal, in order to build perspectives of desirable, but also credible, futures. The proposed prospective visions have several facets: some are based on resilience in the face of the Covid-19 crisis, others are based on territorial imaginations or playful approaches to question territorial projects or the emergence of new public policies, by 2040.

This webinar, which will review the objective and method of the work carried out by the urban planning agencies, will present the converging trends drawn by the 12 working groups.

Brigitte BARIOL-MATHAIS, a graduate in architecture and urban planning, is the chief architect of the State and has been the general delegate of the National Federation of Urban Planning Agencies (FNAU) since 2012, after having directed Epures, the urban planning agency of St-Etienne, and worked in the State services and in private practice. The FNAU gathers the fifty or so urban planning agencies that work alongside local authorities on urban policies with an integrated approach. The Fnau is a network of elected officials who are presidents of urban planning agencies and also a network bringing together the 1700 professionals of the agencies. The Fnau takes part in debates on cities and territories, produces numerous publications and also intervenes at the European and international levels. Brigitte Bariol-Mathais is also an expert at the international level.

Karine HUREL is a geographer and cartographer. Today, she is the deputy general delegate of the national federation of urban planning agencies. For more than ten years, she was in charge of cartography at the Datar (then at the CGET). A specialist in representation issues, she conducts research-action work more specifically on the theme of the representation of flows and movement and on the role of cartographic representation in political decision-making.